Amp It Up

ampThe AMP it up! campaign seeks to change the perception of manufacturing in Massachusetts and educate middle school through community college age students, young adults, and their advisors that advanced manufacturing is an attractive education/career alternative. Today’s manufacturing is driven by technology and the jobs that fall in the manufacturing realm all present viable career paths. The AMP it up! public awareness campaign is designed to reach out to students; parents and families; career advisors and guidance counselors; and teachers. Each of these audiences is an integral part of the decision‐making process for those considering manufacturing careers. By engaging these groups and conducting community activities and events, the campaign seeks to dispel common misconceptions about today’s manufacturing and bolster the prospective employee base for these quality jobs in Massachusetts.

The Amp It Up! New Bedford project will bring together partners and existing resources from both workforce development and local manufacturing industry leaders in an effort to respond to the region’s shortage of adequately skilled technicians in advanced manufacturing operations.

To address misconceptions and concerns about manufacturing careers, The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce and Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board will build off of the momentum it had sustained from receiving this grant back in 2013-14 and 2015-16 by continuing our efforts via outreach events with target audiences including local un-employed and under-employed veterans (that will also include targeting women and minorities within this population). The outreach events and awareness campaign will include discussions with manufacturing employees, site tours and employer roundtable discussions and information regarding workforce pathways.

Through the existing partnership of The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce, GNBWIB and our four manufacturing partners, we will identify local un-employed and under-employed veterans through the City of New Bedford Veterans’ Affairs Office, the Greater New Bedford Career Center Veterans’ Affairs Department and the Veterans Transition House, and service their career readiness track as they prepare to enter into this bustling industry. We plan on servicing this constituency through providing them career-oriented initiatives such as: manufacturing site tours and job shadowing opportunities. The Amp It Up! New Bedford partnership has secured written partnership commitments the City of New Bedford Veteran’s Affairs Office, the Veterans Transition House of New Bedford and the Greater New Bedford Career Center.