Massachusetts Work-Based Learning Plan (WBLP)

The WBLP is an easy-to-use tool, which is very similar to an employee review. The Work Based Learning Plan (WBLP) was developed by the MA Department of Education in order to connect co-op and internship experiences with academics to help students transition into careers, post secondary education and life in general.

The WBLP is a valuable tool in assessing a student’s skill level and setting goals at the workplace. The WBLP can help develop foundational skills that can be transferred to a variety of work/learning scenarios. The plan drives student learning and productivity at the workplace. It’s purpose is to:

1. Identify a student’s ability level within a specific skill area.
2. Drive quality of student learning and productivity through goal-setting.
3. Assess student progress in skill gain throughout their internship.

Download the Work-Based Learning Plan

Using the Work-Based Learning Plan

How to access the WBLP:
You should have already received your username and password to the WBLP by your Connecting Activities representative. Go to to access the WBLP.

Once you arrive at the website you will see the words Sign In on the left. This is where you type in your username (your email address) and password which was sent to your email.

Then click GO.

Navigating the WBLP: Once you have logged in, you will see a list of the names of the youth at your worksite in the left column. To the very right of each interns name are two buttons. If you would like to explore the WBLP click View WBLP. If you would like to begin completing your evaluation click Reviews.

First Review

The first review is completed at the beginning of the internship. This is considered a “diagnostic” review, providing a baseline rating that indicates where a student started. In Section 3 of the plan, provide ratings, along with any written goals for each of the skills. Notice the rating scale at the bottom of the page.

Second Review

The second review will be completed at the end of the internship. This review provides an opportunity to identify skill gains and make suggestions for future learning & growth.


Please provide any comments about the student and their work performance.

*When used thoughtfully, this tool provides an excellent opportunity to open up conversations with participants about skills needed, job expectations, and opportunities to learn on the job.

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