SouthCoast Electric Power Group

scepgOne SouthCoast has built a collaboration of the largest users of electricity in the New Bedford and Fall River area called the SouthCoast Electric Power Group (SCEPG). The aggregation formed in 2002 and was only the second aggregation in the state to competitively bid its generation costs in Massachusetts. The initial three-year contract that expired in December 2004 was a $60 Million dollar contract. Participants in this first SCEPG aggregation collectively saved approximately $10 Million over the life of the contract.

Until recently, participation in SCEPG was limited to large consumers, using more than 40,000 kWh per month. We recognized that our smaller business members also had a need for a resource to help them control their cost of electric supply. The Small Business Program fills this void and makes the benefits of electric supply choice available to all our members. Our consultants, Risk Services Group, will administer the program and will provide you with a review of your historic costs, a summary and analysis of the supply price and term options available to you and pricing from multiple competitive suppliers. This unbiased process will give you the ability to make the energy supply decision that best meets the needs of your business.