One SouthCoast Chamber will advocate for and support issues that improve the business climate and overall quality of life for the greater SouthCoast region, all while opposing legislation that will have an adverse effect on business and industry.

One SouthCoast Chamber is fully committed to being engaged on the local, state and federal level and being your voice.

The Chamber has a responsibility to its 1,000-member strong organization to review all pending legislation and regulations for its impact on their financial well-being, and, if necessary, develop public positions that speak on their behalf.

Our advocacy efforts are designed to fulfill eight core priority areas: economic development, education and workforce, energy and the environment, public infrastructure, regulatory reform, taxation, transportation and healthcare.

Economic Development:

  • Advocate for increased investments in regional economic development and technical assistance funding at the state and federal levels; promote a stronger sense of regionalization among cities and towns throughout the SouthCoast.
  • Promote a positive local business climate, one that encourages growth, entrepreneurship and pay equity.
  • Diversification of the local, state and federal economy; continued growth and advocacy centered around the base industries of the SouthCoast region.

Education & Workforce:

  • Strengthening internship and co-op opportunities for our local high school students.
  • Supporting educational opportunities and programs which provide high-quality education and resources to students.
  • Meeting the hiring needs of our local workforce (continued partnerships with the GNBCC, GNBWIB and NBEDC by facilitating job and career/industry-focused events).
  • Public Education Funding & Reform.

Energy & the Environment:

  • Economically viable energy sources which may reduce the high energy costs that face our local business community.
  • “SouthCoast Electric Power Group” electricity savings program for large energy users (manufacturers, hospitals, etc).

Public Infrastructure:

  • Promote public promotion and financial investments of all roads, bridges, sidewalks and maritime infrastructure throughout our region.
  • Continued growth and advocacy of the New Bedford State Pier at the local, state and federal level (including, but not limited to harbor dredging).
  • Domestic and international flight expansion of the New Bedford Regional Airport.

Regulatory Reform:

  • Smart regulations to ensure workplace safety & protect public health.
  • Deserving a fair regulatory system which represents the views of all communities by streamlining the permitting process.
  • Evaluating the impact regulatory rules will have on jobs and small business growth.


  • Taxation advocacy on the municipal, state and federal level.
  • Educating our local tax paying business owners and residents.


  • SouthCoast Rail advocacy and its positive economic, workforce, environmental and social impacts throughout the region.
  • Advocating for increased public transportation infrastructure funding sources (Regional Transit Authority) at the state level.
  • Addressing the increase in Urban Transport Difficulties; such as: loss of public space, parking availability, traffic congestion, high maintenance costs and hindrances in freight distribution.


  • Government must minimize health care disruptions by acting as a good business partner.
  • Continued advocacy for strong public health as it relates to both the workplace and community at large.