Information by City or Town

New Bedford Facts

City Hall of New Bedford
133 William St.
New Bedford, MA 02740

FY’ 19 Tax Rates: Residential: $16.47 | Commercial: $34.84
Population: 95,120

Elected Officials
Mayor: Honorable Jon Mitchell

City Clerk: Dennis W. Farias

City Council: 508-979-1455
City Council President:
Linda M Morad
First Vice-President:
Brian K. Gomes
Second Vice-President:
Joseph P. Lopes
City Council:
Ian Abreu
Naomi Carney
Debora Coelho
Brian K. Gomes
Linda M. Morad
Hugh Dunn
Maria Giesta
Scott Lima
Joseph P. Lopes
William Brad Markey
Dana Rebeiro

School System: 508-997-4511 Superintendent of Schools,
Thomas Anderson

Fairhaven Facts

Town of Fairhaven, 40 Centre St., Fairhaven, MA 02719

FY’ 19 Tax Rates:
Residential $11.67 | Commercial, Industrial, and Personal $23.47
Population: 16,055

Elected Officials
Selectmen: 508-979-4023

Select Board:
Charles K. Murphy, Sr.
Robert J. Espindola
Daniel Freitas
Town Clerk: Carolyn Hurley

Treasurer: Wendy Graves

Executive Secretary:
Mark Rees, 508-979-4023

School System: 508-979-4000

Freetown Facts

Town of Freetown, 3 North Main St., P.O. Box 438, Assonet, MA 02702

FY’ 19 Tax Rates: Residential $13.15 | Commercial, Industrial and Personal $21.08
Population: 9,339

Elected Officials:
Selectmen: 508-644-2201 ext. 1
Select Board:
Robert Jose
Lisa A. Pacheco
Charles Sullivan

Treasurer: Jessica Thomas

Town Clerk: Jacqueline Brown 508-644-2201, ext.2

Town Administrator:
David Demanche
508-644-2201, ext. 1

School System: 508-763-5183

Marion Facts

Town of Marion, 2 Spring St., Marion, MA 02738

FY’ 19 Tax Rate: $11.03
Residential & Commercial
Population: 5,107

Elected Officials
Selectmen: 508-748-3520
Jonathan Dickerson
Norman A. Hills
Rand L. Parker

Town Clerk: Ray E. Pickles (17) 508-748-3502
Town Administrator: James McGrail
Katherine Milligan
School System: Old Rochester Regional: 508-758-277

Wareham facts

Town of Wareham, 54 Marion Rd., Wareham, MA 02571

FY’ 19 Tax Rates: Residential & Commercial: $10.94
Wareham Fire District – $13.29
Onset Fire District – $13.56
Population: 22,640

Elected Officials:
508-291-3100 ext. 3102

Select Board:
Peter Teitelbaum
Alan Slavin
Mary Bruce
Patrick Tropeano
Jim Munise

Town Clerk: Michele Bissonette 508-291-3140

Town Administrator:
Derek Sullivan
508-291-3100 Ext. 3110

School System:
Superintendent of Schools:
Kimberly Shaver-Hood

Acushnet facts

Town of Acushnet, 122 Main St., Acushnet, MA 02743

FY’ 19 Tax Rates: Residential: $14.18 | Commercial, Industrial and Personal: $18.20
Population: 10,544

Elected Officials
Selectmen: 508-998-0200
Board of Selectman:
Kevin Gaspar, Sr.
David Desroches
Roger A. Cabral
Town Clerk: Pamela Labonte
Treasurer: Catherine Muller

Town Administrator:
Brian S. Noble

School System: 508-998-0260

Dartmouth Facts

Town of Dartmouth, 400 Slocum Rd., P.O. Box 79399, Dartmouth, MA 02747-0713

FY’ 19 Tax rates:
Residential: $9.93,
Commercial: $16.13, and Personal Property: $16.06,
Fire District 1: $.47 – | Fire District 2: $1.22 –
Fire District 3 Residential: $.93 | Fire District 3 Commercial: $1.81
Population: 34,336

Elected Officials
Select Board: 508-910-1813

Select Board:
Frank S. Gracie III
John P. Haran
Shawn D. McDonald
Stanley M. Mickelson
David Tatelbaum

Town Clerk:
Lynn M. Medeiros
Treasurer: Gregory W. Barnes

Town Administrator:
David Cressman, 508-910-1813

School System: 508-997-3391

Mattapoisett Facts

Town of Mattapoisett, 16 Main St., Mattapoisett, MA 02739

FY’ 19 Tax Rates:$13.21: Residential & Commercial
Population: 6,330

Elected Officials
Selectmen: 508-758-4100 ext. 4
Select Board:
Jordan C. Collyer
R. Tyler Macallister
Paul Silva

Treasurer: Kristie A. Costa

Town Clerk:
Catherine L. Heuberger
508-758-4100 ext. 2
Town Administrator:
Michael J. Gagne
508-758-4100 ext.4

School System: Old Rochester Regional: 508-758-2772

Rochester Facts

Town of Rochester, 1 Constitution Way, Rochester, MA 02770

FY’ 19 Tax Rates: Residential
Residential & Commercial: $14.00
Population: 5,575

Elected Officials:
Select Board:
Paul Ciaburri
Bradford N. Morse
Greenwood Hartley III
Treasurer: Cynthia L. Mello

Town Clerk: Naida L. Parker, CMMC 508-763-3871 ext. 17

Town Administrator
Suzanne Szyndlar

School System: Old Rochester Regional: 508-763-2772

Westport Facts

Town of Westport, 816 Main Rd., Westport, MA 02790

FY’ 19 Tax Rates: Residential
Residential & Commercial: $8.27
Population: 15,910

Elected Officials:
Selectmen: 508-636-1003
Select Board:
Steven J. Ouellette
Shana M. Shufelt
Ann Boxler
Richard Brewer
Brian T. Valcourt

Town Clerk: Marlene Samson

Town Administrator:
Brad Brightman, 508-636-1150
School System: