SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce and Lifestream Present the Annual “SouthCoast Job Fair”

Is your company hiring?

Are you looking for a “rock-star” to take your business to the next level?

If so, then the “SouthCoast Job Fair” is the place you need to be!

The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce, the Greater New Bedford Career Center, Bristol Community College and Lifestream will be once again hosting its annual “SouthCoast Job Fair” on Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the Z. Walter Janiak Field House on the campus of Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School, located at 1121 Ashley Boulevard, New Bedford, MA.

The region’s largest career and hiring event of the year, the “SouthCoast Job Fair” will provide your business with an opportunity to interact one on one with a large group of talented job seekers. Our goal is to help you make connections to meet the workforce needs of your businesses.

Admission is FREE for attendees with a resume!

Recruiter/Employer Information:
Exhibit Table Dimensions & Booth Pricing:
6-foot table (no electricity) – $350
8-foot table (with electricity) – $400

Multiple Table Discounts – If renting more than one table, you will receive $50 off each additional table.
Early Registration Discount – $50 off for exhibitors registered on or before February 11, 2017.

Each Employer Will Receive:
• 8 or 6-foot table (depending on choice and or availability)
• 2 Chairs
• Breakfast & Lunch provided by The One SouthCoast Chamber
• Access to electrical outlets (must be requested)
• Access to hundreds of well-prepared job seekers

Registrations will be accepted until Monday, April 17, 2016, or, until capacity is reached.

All job seekers and attendees are also encouraged to take part in our complimentary professional headshots photo booth, courtesy of Imagemakers Photographic Artists of New Bedford.

If you or your business is interested in participating in the “SouthCoast Job Fair,” please contact SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce Business Development and Public Policy Manager Ian Abreu at (508) 999-5231, ext. 24, or, via email at Registration is also available online here.

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Rebranding the Greater New Bedford Home Show

The Greater New Bedford Home Show has evolved into one of the SouthCoast’s largest and most popular trade shows. This special event has allowed businesses to interact with thousands of local residents for nearly three decades. Each year, the Chamber staff works together to find innovative ways to keep the Home Show relevant and exciting for both exhibitors and attendees.  After conducting research and receiving feedback from Chamber members, past exhibitors and attendees, we are implementing changes, adding exciting new components and rebranding the Greater New Bedford Home Show.

The 1st Annual Greater New Bedford Home, Health and Wellness Show will combine home improvement with health and wellness, offering local residents answers to all their household and lifestyle needs at one event, under one roof, on one day. This unique event will be held in late Spring, on May 20, 2017 at the Greater New Bedford Voc Tech High School and will feature a diverse ensemble of businesses, and organizations promoting both home improvements and healthy living.

Don’t miss the opportunity to place your products and services in front of thousands of potential customers at the 1st Annual Greater New Bedford Home, Health and Wellness Show. Companies specializing in or involved with household improvements, as well as businesses within the health & wellness industry are highly encouraged to exhibit at the newly revamped event. Space will also be available for local restaurants and caterers to sell and showcase their signature recipes. The Greater New Bedford Home, Health and Wellness Show will also provide homeowners, residents, and families an exclusive chance to interact with companies face to face, and discover solutions to all their household needs while learning more about healthy lifestyles options.

Several sponsorships opportunities are available and are an excellent way to maximize your companies’ exposure through the promotion of this highly marketed event! For more information regarding the Show contact Deven Tillman at, (508) 999-5231 ext 26 or visit our website at Download the exhibitor contract here.

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New Bedford Street

Employment Law Alert – Massachusetts Blue Laws

Information provided by:


It’s The Holiday Season and Time for a History Lesson

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a state steeped in history, and the laws are no
exception. Some might call the patchwork of rules known as the Blue Laws archaic. After
all, the Blue Laws date back to the 17th century – to the founding of New England. The
founders wanted to prevent unwholesome activity on Sundays, and over the years these
laws were expanded to include certain holidays. You may be wondering how this impromptu
history lesson applies to your workplace. This year, Christmas and New Year’s Day fall on
Sundays but, are legally observed on the following Monday, which means that employers
receive a double dose of Blue Law headache.


So what are these Blue Laws?

Over the last century, the Commonwealth has gradually narrowed these prohibitions
against operating on Sundays and holidays by enacting numerous piecemeal exemptions to
the Blue Laws, and there are now fifty-five exemptions, that allow certain businesses to
operate legally on Sundays and holidays. However, these existing rules still impose
significant burdens on businesses that may include: closure, premium pay, and
voluntariness of work requirements on December 26 and January 2.
When certain holidays, including Christmas and New Year’s Day, fall on a Sunday, those
holidays are legally observed on Monday. Below we will untangle what this will mean for our
different clients. The answer will depend on the nature of your business..


Massachusetts law prevents most manufacturers from operating on Sundays without a
permit issued by the local police department. There is a limited exception to this rule that
allows manufacturers to operate on Sundays without a permit if there are “manufacturing
processes which for technical reasons require continuous operations.” Manufacturers that
fall within the exception or who obtain a permit are not required to provide premium pay,
and employees can be required to work.
This same law will apply to manufacturers on Christmas (December 25) and New Year’s
Day (January 1), both of which fall on Sundays.
Although December 26 and January 2 are considered legal holidays, manufacturers will be
able to operate lawfully. However, non-exempt employees cannot be required to work on
those days – all work must be voluntary. Again, there is only a very limited exception to the
voluntariness requirement under the law if the work being performed is both (1) absolutely
necessary and (2) can lawfully be performed on Sunday. As stated above, work on Sunday
may only occur without a permit if the work for technical reasons requires continuous
Employees may volunteer to work on legal holidays, and premium pay is not required.


Warehouses and Delivery Centers
An Act Relative to Job Creation and Workforce Development, signed by Governor Baker on
August 10, 2016, amended the Blue Laws to allow warehouses and delivery centers to
remain open on Sundays and holidays. The Act revised a section of the law that previously
applied only to the transport of goods and commerce by motor truck or trailer. The section
now includes the “delivery of goods in commerce,” including the operations of facilities and
warehouses related to the delivery.
This means that warehouses and delivery centers and transport operations may operate as
usual on December 25, December 26, and January 1. As written, the law does not require
these employers to provide premium pay, and the voluntariness requirement does not apply.


Retail Employers
Retail employers in Massachusetts may not open on Christmas Day (December 25).
Retailers operating on December 26 must pay non-exempt employees who work on that
day premium pay, defined as at least one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate of
pay. Retailers who open on January 1, and January 2 will also be required to pay nonexempt
employees premium pay and all work must be voluntary. However, premium pay
on December 26, January 1, and/or January 2 can be off set against any overtime worked
in the same workweek. There will be no pyramiding of premium pay, which would require
employers to pay overtime based on the premium rate.
Additionally, retailers cannot require employees to work on December 26, January 1, or
January 2. All work on those days must be voluntary, and refusal to work cannot be
grounds for discrimination, dismissal, discharge, reduction in hours, or any other penalty.


Non-Retail, Non-Manufacturer
Employers who are not retailers or manufacturers may not operate on December 25,
December 26, and January 1 unless they are subject to one of the fifty-five exemptions in
the Blue Laws, or obtain a permit from the local police department to operate. Non-retail
employers that fall under one of the exemptions or receive a permit are not required to
provide premium pay, and the voluntariness requirement does not apply (again, religious
accommodation requirements must still be met).
These employers may open on January 2, even without an exemption or permit and the
premium pay and voluntariness requirements do not apply.


A Word About Religious Accommodation
With holidays falling on Sunday employers should remain thoughtful of religious
accommodations to avoid a claim of discrimination. Under Massachusetts law, “it is unlawful
for an employer to impose upon an employee or prospective employee as a condition of
obtaining or retaining employment any terms or conditions which would require the
individual to violate or forego a practice required by his or her religion. This includes but is
not limited to requiring an employee or prospective employee to work on any day or portion
thereof that the employee observes as a Sabbath or holy day.”
To obtain a religious accommodation, an employee or applicant must demonstrate that the
observance of Sunday or the holiday is a required practice of his or her religion and must
notify the employer at least ten days in advance of the requested absence and provide
notice that the absence is for religious purposes. Once this is done, the employer is
required to grant the accommodation unless it would impose an undue hardship.
These laws are enough to give anyone the Holiday “blues,” but we are here to help!


Read the full document here.

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Awards Presented at 130th Annual Meeting

The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce is pleased to recognize organizations for their significant investment and contribution to the economic development, educational leadership and outstanding service of the region with the presentation of the 2016 Greater New Bedford Economic Impact Awards, Educational Leadership Award, and the Outstanding Service Award. The awards were presented on November 10, 2016 at the Chamber’s 130th Annual Meeting & Business Luncheon at the Century House in Acushnet. These businesses, through their investment, have generated economic growth, helped positively impact schools and provided outstanding service throughout the Greater New Bedford Area.


Boutique Fitness, Greasy Luck Brewery, AHEAD and Sid Wainer & Son

Boutique Fitness

Boutique Fitness first opened its doors in January 2012 in the heart of downtown, New Bedford specializing in one on one and small group training while helping people achieve optimal health through fitness and nutrition. Over the past four years, Boutique Fitness has continuously expanded their operations opening a second location in Mattapoisett in the fall of 2015, and a third located in Westport this past October. Boutique Fitness is true example of how a small business can leave a large impression on the local economy and community!


The Greasy Luck Brewery

Greasy Luck Brewery was started in Downtown New Bedford by three partners, all of whom are local residents and business professionals. The Greasy Luck Brewery will aid in job creation by producing 30 plus local job opportunities. From the design and permitting stages and throughout all construction the Management team has made it a point to utilize contractors from the area, strengthening our local economy.  An impressive list of over 14 local companies where hired in the development of The Greasy Luck Brewery. This type of engagement and local use of resources stimulate the local economy.



Founded 21 years ago AHEAD is a leading provider of custom decorated caps, apparel, and accessories. During the past 4 years, AHEAD has experienced steady growth of just under 18%. Long a market leader in the golf industry, AHEAD has expanded its reach over the past several years to include launches into the new markets of corporate and collegiate in order to position the company for future growth. As one of the region’s largest employers, AHEAD employs over 250 people at its headquarters in the New Bedford Industrial Park.


Sid Wainer and Son

Sid Wainer & Son was founded in 1914 on the historic cobblestone streets of New Bedford. The company has developed a unique and unparalleled ability to deliver high yielding fresh fruits and vegetables and has become the most prominent importer and distributor of specialty produce in the country. For over a decade, Sid Wainer and Son has also owned and operated Jansel Valley Farms which consist of over 45 acres of farm land in Dartmouth.  In the heart of New Bedford, in one of the first inner city farms in the Northeast, The Wainer Family Farm Greenhouse grows highly perishable products that would otherwise be flown in from California. Growing these products locally, extends shelf-life, supports the local economy, and decreases the carbon footprint.


Tegra Medial

Tegra Medical

Tegra Medical has a passion for education. Their Dartmouth facility, specializing in the manufacturing of medical devices, has gone above and beyond since joining the Chamber less than six months ago, to put this passion to practice! In partnership with the Greater New Bedford Connecting Activities Program, comprised of Bristol Community College, the Chamber, and the Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board, Tegra has offered and continues to offer valuable work and learning opportunities for our area youth. They provided a paid summer internship and is currently hosting two paid interns from Dartmouth High School.  These aspiring engineers are gaining invaluable experience through both observations and hands-on learning in Tegra’s state-of-the-art facility.


Chris Johnson, SERVPRO of Dartmouth/New Bedford

Chris Johnson

Chris was born and raised in Fall River, MA and was a Diman Vocational Culinary Arts graduate. Chris has consistently been a strong advocate and supporter of the local community. He is currently an ambassador with the Fall River Area Chamber and has been an ambassador here with The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce for the past 5 years. He continues to use his strong ties in the business community to help promote, grow and improve the Chamber.

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Member Spotlight: Cox Media

Located in Dartmouth, the local Cox Media office offers a multi-screen portfolio for advertising on TV, online, or mobile in the Bristol County area. Cox Media partners with their clients to develop a successful mix of multi-screen solutions. The comprehensive services include consumer research and production capabilities developed specifically to reach the advertiser’s customers when and how they choose to consume their media, reaching consumers in all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Every day Cox Media helps clients develop successful multi-platform advertising solutions that reach a highly targeted audience with proven results. This may sound simple enough, but in today’s media landscape it is anything but simple. Cox Media works with your unique business and budget to define the right strategy for you. They help businesses succeed by connecting their advertising message to consumers in our community, anyone, anywhere, any screen.

A supporter of the local community for over 15 years, Cox Media has awarded more than $130,000 in grants to non-profits committed to education this year. They also hold several employee volunteer events each year, including build-a-bed for children without beds, backpack stuffing events, and several additional events which help support the community. In addition, Cox Media has won several national awards and the local team has been recognized for award-winning production with the Cable Advertising Bureau. Cox Media is committed to improving the community and believes in the power of localism.

Cox Media is one of several companies within Cox Enterprises, Incorporated.  Cox Enterprises was established in Dayton, Ohio, in 1898 by former schoolteacher and news reporter James M. Cox, who later in life became a Governor. Cox Media has 13 markets across the country, including the New England market, which covers Providence and the New Bedford area. Today Cox Media New England has a full-time staff of 40 members in areas of sales, marketing, and customer service. Cox Media employees are creative, fast-paced, and most importantly, focused on delivering the best customer experience and results for our clients.  New media consultant and new ambassador of New Bedford Commerce, Jasmyne Mador said “Being a new media consultant with Cox Media has been a dream come true for me. Being able to do what I am passionate about and helping many businesses grow in this market place is so fulfilling. We are excited to be here and committed to helping local organizations with their marketing efforts. Today, people spend most of their media time on screens in the form of television, computer, tablets and smart phones. In fact, the average person spends almost twelve hours a day looking at these screens. I am proud to say that Cox Media is the only company in the Bristol County area that specializes in helping businesses target consumers where they are spending the lion’s share of their media time.”

Cox Media quickly became involved in The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce, allowing Cox Media to build business relationships with those who are part of the Chamber and the community. For example, Cox Media was an exhibitor at the 2016 SouthCoast Women’s Forum and a sponsor of the Chamber member discount program. Being involved with the Chamber has given employees of Cox Media the pleasure of meeting local business owners, gaining a better understanding of the community and opening new opportunities for partnerships.

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Attendees at a meeting

Member Spotlight: L.J. Rogers, Inc.

Founded in 1996 by Laura Rogers-Mullin, LJ Rogers is celebrating 20 years of prosperity this year as an international logistics management firm.  The expert staff at LJ Rogers has unparalleled knowledge to help businesses with import and export documentation requirements including Customs Clearance, International Shipping by Air and Sea, licensing and permits, certificates of origin, NAFTA certificates as well as assisting with FDA, NOAA, USDA and Fish and Wildlife registration processes.

All cargo needs to be approved by US Customs in order to enter the country which can be an overwhelming task for importers.  LJ Rogers Inc, conveniently located in the SouthCoast, is your one stop, local provider of PREMIUM Customs Brokerage and International Freight Forwarding.  Their knowledgeable and dedicated staff interacts with customers one on one and personally assist in the day to day operations of supply chain activities making the intimidating process of international shipping simple.

LJ Rogers, believes the key to their success is an educated and committed staff who deliver exceptional customer service, a strong attention to detail especially when dealing with federal government agencies and the ability to proficiently aid local owned companies conducting business on a global level.

“Small businesses need to support each other. Our first priority is our relationship with our customers.” Laura Mullin said. “We benefit from customers doing business globally, but we know success begins locally and we feel very strongly that if we work closely together we will both be strong and successful and so will our community.“

LJ Rogers, not only provides outstanding freight management services and supply chain solutions to their clients, but continuously give back to the community.  Staff members participate in Beach Cleanup at Horseneck Beach and volunteer at Dartmouth YMCA Farm whose produce benefit the local food pantries and soup kitchens.  A desire to learn new things, grow with our team and a willingness to go above and beyond at all times is a major priority of LJ Rogers’ work ethic.

As a member of the Chamber since January 2015, LJ Rogers has taken full advantage of all the opportunities membership offers.  They have attended several events, made many business connections and sponsored the International Seafood Buyer’s Tour held in March.

“The chamber offers us an opportunity to get to know our neighbors and be a part of a strong and growing network right here in our community” Laura stated.

LJ Rogers is committed to providing comprehensive brokerage services that make the process of moving products around the world easy and straightforward for SouthCoast business owners.  They are a perfect example of how the small locally owned businesses stimulate the area’s economy while understanding the importance of contributing to the community.

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A woman giving a speech at Whites of Westport

Chamber Presents Awards to The Pasta House, Horacio’s, Inc. & New Bedford YMCA

The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce and BankFive are pleased to recognize the significant contributions and   achievements of the region’s businesses with the presentation of the 2016 New Bedford Area Business of the Year Awards in the categories of Small Business, Large Business and Non-profit/Educational Institution. The award was presented in June at a special edition of the Chamber’s Good Morning SouthCoast! business series.

This year’s Small Business of the Year Award was presented to The Pasta House. Located in Fairhaven, The Pasta House, which was established in 2001 and employs about 45 is well-known for their high quality food, beverages and service. The Pasta House cultivates a sense of community making every guest feel at home and that they matter. In an industry that is known for high staff turnover rate, The Pasta House is remarkable in that most staff tend to stay with the restaurant. They offer a range of positions and prepare their employees for success both in business and life. During the recession the Pasta House had to cope with rising cost of goods and utilities without passing those costs onto the customer. They focused on volume sales and was able to grow the catering business during this time.

The other 9 businesses nominated for this year’s award were: SERVPRO, Flour Girls Baking Company, Quahog Republic Whalers’ Tavern, Celia’s Boutique, SEASTREAK, Hope Yoga Studio/LA Cycle Studio, Doctors Express, Fairfield Inn & Suites, WayPoint Event Center and Waring-Sullivan Homes of Memorial Tribute and Rock Funeral Home

This year’s Large Business of the Year award was presented to Horacio’s Inc. Located in New Bedford, Horacio’s Inc. is a leading fabricator of stainless steel products for a wide variety of industries using innovative technology and traditional tools. Horacio’s is a second generation family business that employs 65, mostly SouthCoast residents and many who have been with the company over 20 years. Horacio’s has responded to economic changes by diversifying service in other areas including millwork and stone fabrication, providing a one stop location for their customers. They continue to grow by adding new clients, growing their service territory and adding new jobs.

The other 4 businesses nominated for this year’s award were: AHEAD, Acushnet Company, US Drywall Inc and CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

This year’s Non-Profit of the Year was presented to the New Bedford YMCA. The YMCA of New Bedford is dedicated to serving the mission of the organization to strengthen communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Established in 1867 and with a staff of 90 the New Bedford YMCA is making an impact on the community through its various programs that support youth development and healthy living. The YMCA works to ensure everyone regardless of age, income or background has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

The other 8 non-profit/educational institutions nominated for this year’s award were: UMASS Charlton College of Business, New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, Devin Laubi Foundation, Child and Family Services, Better Community Living, Rail to Boston Coalition, Interise and New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks!

Nominations were solicited from the community and reviewed by a selection committee comprised of members. The selection committee looked for companies who have balanced success with a strong commitment to the community. Each nominee was rated based on five criteria: number of employees, staying power, growth, social responsibility and innovation. To meet just a few of these goals is a significant accomplishment.

The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce extends its appreciation to BankFive for being a partner in this important program. Their commitment as the founding sponsor of the “Business of the Year Awards” program reflects their dedication to our community and their commitment to providing services to small businesses. The Chamber would also like to thank those individuals who submitted nominations for the awards.

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A woman holding wrapping paper

Member Spotlight: Interise

In 2004, Interise was established by providing the tools, resources and networks for small business owners to grow. With meetings twice a month during the StreetWise MBA Program, entrepreneurs create a customized 3 year strategic growth action plan with realistic steps on how to grow. Interise graduates learn how to improve leadership skills, hire the right staff, cut costs, do business with other graduates, get approved for loans and much more. All graduates also receive a certificate from Interise and Boston University for completing the program and they join a network of over 3000 small business owners nationwide. “We want to work with and surround ourselves with business owners that are game changers and who go beyond trying to make payroll and really want to make a difference in their community.” Bernard Johnson, Interise’s Director of Program Operations.

Interise has a proven track record with their award winning StreetWise MBA Program. Interise stimulates economic revitalization in lower income communities and provides a diverse group of small business owners with entrepreneurial education, new networks, new business resources and access to markets. The Interise community creates jobs, grows businesses and develops community leaders. The latest impact report of Interise graduates showed 57% have added new jobs, 68% have increased revenue, 80% are in touch with fellow graduates and peer groups and job creation is 8X faster than the private sector.

Giving back to the community is also important to the team at Interise. They volunteer with Community Cooks, providing a meal once a month for at-risk youth at Bridge over Troubled Waters located in Boston. The Interise staff of 22 full-time workers has also volunteered with Cradles to Crayons. Interise is also an active Chamber member and has participated at the 2016 Women’s Forum. They also strongly encourage program graduates to be active members in their communities. Interise aims to give back to the community and create growth in underserved cities.

In 2014, Interise was honored with the Gold Stevie award during which it expanded to 26 states and 32 cities across North America.  Interise now works with twelve partners throughout the country to deliver its curriculum and has reached 511 small business owners in 60 communities; cumulatively, the organization has reached over 3,000 small business owners. In June 2016, Interise received certification for the WNPO: Woman Non-Profit Organization, which certifies qualified companies that are woman-controlled non-profit organizations. Internal growth also contributed to the organization’s momentum, with the addition of six department managers, four new board members and the formation of a research department purposed with the examination and sharing of insights collected from over ten years of program delivery, operations and systematic program evaluation data.

Being part of The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce embodies the commitment of the business community to the New Bedford regional area. It facilitates and brings businesses together to unite in building a thriving base for residents, visitors and employers.

Applications are now being accepted for the fall 2016-17 program; call to schedule a qualifying interview. Contact Elizabeth Howe, South Coast Program Manager: 774-473-3911/

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Award Recipients

Chamber Employees Graduate from Institute for Organization Management

A Leadership Training Program Produced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation


Institute for Organization Management, the professional development program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, is pleased to announce that Rebecca Laliberte IOM, and Ian Abreu, IOM of The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce have graduated from the program and has received the recognition of IOM. Awarded to all graduates of the Institute program, the IOM Graduate Recognition signifies the individual’s completion of 96 hours of course instruction in nonprofit management. In addition, participants can earn credit hours toward the Certified Chamber Executive (CCE) or Certified Association Executive (CAE) certifications. Nearly 1,000 individuals attend Institute annually.

“Institute graduates are recognized across the country as leaders in their industries and organizations,” said Raymond P. Towle, IOM, CAE, the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s vice president of Institute for Organization Management. “These individuals have the knowledge, skills, and dedication necessary to achieve professional and organizational success in the dynamic association and chamber industries.”


Since its commencement in 1921, the Institute program has been educating tens of thousands of association, chamber, and other nonprofit leaders on how to build stronger organizations, better serve their members and become strong business advocates. Institute’s curriculum consists of four weeklong sessions at five different university locations throughout the country. Through a combination of required courses and electives in areas such as leadership, advocacy, marketing, finance, and membership, Institute participants are able to enhance their own organizational management skills and add new fuel to their organizations, making them run more efficiently and effectively.

Institute for Organization Management is the professional development program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. It is the premier nonprofit professional development program for association and chamber professionals, fostering individual growth through interactive learning and networking opportunities.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce dedicated to strengthening America’s long-term competitiveness by addressing developments that affect our nation, our economy, and the global business environment.

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Brenna Sousa

Chamber Welcomes Brenna Souza

The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the newest member to their staff! Brenna Souza is a student at Bridgewater State University and will be taking over the role of Youth Services Coordinator. Brenna was born in Charlotte, NC but has resided in Fall River, MA for most of her life. She is looking forward to beginning this journey and hoping to utilize her experience within the field of youth services to better serve the community. She is in her final year at Bridgewater State University and will be graduating in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Brenna is excited to become a part of The One SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce family! Brenna can be reached at or by calling 508-999-5231 ext. 29.

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