Employer Testimonials

“The opportunity not only benefited me, but it is a wonderful chance for a student to get hands on experience.” Robyn Branco, SouthCoast Chamber of Commerce

“It was enjoyable instructing a young person interested in learning about a possible vocation.” Paul Tavares, Precix Inc.

“Please take a chance, it is really great for young people to learn what’s out there and how the work environment functions.” Rose M. Ferreira, Southern Mass Credit Union

“Accept an intern. They are positive when it comes to getting the job done.” Eugene S. Botelho, New Bedford Public Schools

“Their personal drive to know more is priceless.” Michael J. Paiva, New Bedford Police Dept., Detail Division

“We have remained friendly with several of our past interns and it’s nice to see them go forward and mature.” Linda Hopps, Coldwell Banker Hopps Realty Group

“I will miss this when I retire.” Joseph McCarthy, Dartmouth Public Schools

Student Testimonials

“It’s such a great experience. Especially if you know what career you want to pursue. It gives you the extra training that other people who don’t take (an) internship don’t get.” Courtney Souza, New Bedford High School

“It’s a great experience that teaches you responsibility and gives you insight on whether the path towards a career you are pursuing is right for you.” Kayla Britte, New Bedford High School

“Definitely do it if you have an idea what you want to do when you’re older. It gives you the experience to see what it’s like first hand. Plus, internships look good when applying for college.” Amanda Castro, New Bedford High School

“It’s a good insight to your future career if you have an idea of what you want to be. It’s also a good learning experience in general because you learn a lot about working and interacting with people.” Chelsea Fernandes, New Bedford High School

“I would absolutely recommend (an) internship to any student. It’s an excellent way to get your foot in the door of any profession that you like to go into and a great opportunity to gain work experience.” Anthony Peixoto, New Bedford High School

“The overall experience was amazing, I just wish it lasted longer.” Robert Silva, New Bedford High School

“I liked that (the internship) gave me more experience in this field of work so I already have a head start with what I will be doing in college.” Nicholas DeFrias, Dartmouth High School