Connecting Activities Partnership

What is Connecting Activities?

Connecting Activities ties together both work-based and school-based learning. Area employers provide youth with a meaningful worksite learning experience that builds academic, technical and workplace skills. These unpaid internships assist students in making more informed decisions about the education that they will need to be successful in a variety of career paths, including college, technical training, apprenticeships and more. Connecting Activities strives to integrate the educational needs of youth and the workforce needs of employers.

Connecting Activities Involves:

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Employers

Employer Benefits:


  • Provides an opportunity for employers to make a positive impact on classroom curriculum and instructional practices
  • Improves the skill level of the workforce and the overall quality of life in the community
  • Creates relationships with schools to assist and support workforce development
  • Provides employers with interns that are interested in their industry
  • Contributes to increasing the educational attainment within the community
  • Student Benefits:
  • Allows students to make more informed decisions regarding career pursuits and college studies
  • Focuses students on developing the competencies for success
  • Inspires stronger academic performance with real-world learning
  • Enables students to explore interests in career possibilities by building relationships with potential employers

How can you get involved?

If you are a student…Contact your guidance counselor or a School to Career Coordinator in your school.

If you are an educator or an employer contact:

Jamilyn Gordon, Youth Team Coordinator (508) 979.1504