Helpful Resources

With constant developments at the State House and in Washington, access to helpful, accurate resources are vital to staying informed and making decisions. Information and helpful resources that you need in order to learn about legislation, elections, or our state’s elected officials can be found here:

Legislative Tracking

Click here to search the Massachusetts Legislative Tracking System for the history of Senate and House bills from the Massachusetts Legislature by bill number of keyword. Results provide text file links to Senate and House bill histories.

Where do I Vote?

Click here to search for your voting location and a listing of your elected officials by entering your address.

Massachusetts House & Senate Phone Numbers

State House of Representatives Switchboard Number: (617) 722.2000
State Senate Switchboard Number: (617) 722.1276
State House of Representatives Fax Number: (617) 722.2897
State Senate Fax Number: (617) 722.1007

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