Julia Costa

My name is Julia Costa, and I’m in the Hospitality Program at Bristol Community
College. I chose to do my internship with the Southeastern Mass Visitors Bureau, which is located within The One SouthCoast Chamber. The Bureau has increased my love for people, travel, and tourism. I’ve been to so many new places, to events hosted by the Chamber, and I’ve met extremely successful people during my time here. I’m excited to learn more about the business side of tourism as well as marketing and social media. I love the idea of finding an attraction or event that will grasp a tourist’s attention. The amount of research I’ve done on the history of Bristol County has increased my awareness of how far we’ve come as a community. It’s also made me love all the hidden little things that the south coast has to offer. I hope to take everything I’ve learned during this semester and continue to use them in the future as I’ll never forget everything I’ve experienced here.


Shana McAskill

Hello my name is Shana McAskill, and I am a student at Bristol Community College currently studying Business Administration. I ultimately decided to do an internship at The One SouthCoast Chamber for the opportunity to learn different aspects of operating a business. I am excited to learn content creation and networking. Being involved in the events and being able to see them in person will give me the variety of useful information in operations and technology that I need. I have already begun to work on press releases and the event pages to give the site updated information. I look forward to going to events like Business After Hours and Meet Your Neighbors to have new experiences and gain new skills. Being here for only the past couple of weeks has already given me new experiences and great people to work alongside with. I hope to learn and grow with them the rest of the semester.